Skin care tips

  •  Use sunscreen daily: no matter your age or skin type!
  • Prefer gels or mousse for cleansing or facial soap bars to reduce skin irritation
  • Get professional facials done at least 3 times a year to deep cleanse the skin and delay wrinkles appearance  

Our products

At Queen Ester Medical Spa, we offer the finest skin care products and some exclusive brands such as Hey Honey! luxury soaps, European brands recognized for their quality; we also offer Dr. Suzanne's skin care line based on personalized consultation and skin scanner to target the needs of your particular skin; the products are then compounded by a professional just like a personal prescription. 

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Welcome to Queen Ester Medical Spa Deals!


As women, we are the nurturers and take care of everybody else before we think of ourselves...well, we also need some "me time" to refuel and take care of our overall health, skin and body in order to maintain our optimal well-being, beauty and energy. We want to look gorgeous without breaking the, being a wife, and a working mom, Dr. Suzanne Belibi understands the importance of always looking our best... so she designed this website as an outlet for chic women to look gorgeous while juggling busy lives and spending money responsibly in an upscale and relaxing spa ambience:)

  We are located @ 3191 S. Vaughn way in the prestigious Cherry Creek Place next to Red Lion Hotel in Aurora. Stop by for a quick professional feedback if you have questions or concerns regarding your skin, skin care products or our services. Our other website is

Queen Ester

Medical Spa

Book online or call us at 303-750-0155 or walk-in 3191 S. Vaughn way, suite 201, Aurora, CO, 80014


Sales (@ Deals page)

  1. BOTOX $9/unit
  2. Juvederm $400/syringe
  3. Lip augmentation $300/syringe
  4. Skin scanner diagnosis with personalized medical skin care plan FREE with facial